How to make a dinosaur cartoon comic, colorful cartoon character July 12, 2021 July 12, 2021 admin

When it comes to drawing dinosaur characters, some people prefer to use a cartoon-style character like a dinosaur or a dinosaur from the movie Jurassic Park.

Here’s how to make one yourself: Use the same type of drawing tool that you would use for any comic book character, but this time, draw the dinosaur using a pen and ink.

When drawing the dinosaur, draw an oval or square shape on the page so you can see what the dinosaur looks like in its natural environment.

If you don’t have a drawing pen handy, you can draw the dragon or a horse.

The dinosaur should be about six inches tall and weigh about one pound.

Next, draw a feather.

Draw a line along the top of the feather to represent the outline of the dinosaur.

Make the line a little longer than the dinosaur’s tail.

Draw another line at the bottom of the line so the feather will hang down, like a feather from a featherbed.

Draw the line of the tail, then a circle.

Draw that circle at the top and bottom.

Now draw the bird.

Draw two lines along the center of the bird, as if you were drawing a line across the top.

Make them parallel, so they meet.

Draw one line across each line of a circle, as shown.

Now add the rest of the feathers.

You will have a bird of the genus Pteranodon.

Draw it on a paper towel, or you can do it with a paintbrush.

Draw both the bird and the dinosaur on a blank page, or use a pen, ink, or pencil to draw the animals together.