‘You can’t be a big-time football coach’ July 26, 2021 July 26, 2021 admin

The Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman says the NFL should allow head coaches to be fired, despite his belief that the league’s owners have been too “friendly” with coaches over the years.

WASHINGTON — Paul Waldmans column in the The Washington Today newspaper has sparked outrage after the columnist wrote that he could not imagine how it is that some NFL coaches can still be on the payroll even if they have not won a Super Bowl.

There’s no way.” “

I don’t think it’s possible.

There’s no way.”

Waldman has written in the past that he thinks the owners have allowed too many head coaches in the NFL, and his argument could be viewed as offensive.

“If I could just say one thing to my fans, it would be this: I don’t care who you voted for as a candidate or for president.

If you want to fire a coach, that’s your right,” Waldman said in an interview with ESPN.

“The only thing you have to be careful about is, do you have a long-term plan that includes the quarterback, the offensive line, the defense, and the general manager.

It’s all of those things that you have.

If the plan you’re talking about is to fire somebody who hasn’t won a championship in the last five years, you should fire that guy. “

What I’m suggesting is that you hire someone that has a long history of success.

“If that coach has done a great job and he’s not getting the job done, then that’s not a good hire.” “

A spokesman for the NFL declined to comment on Waldman’s remarks. “

If that coach has done a great job and he’s not getting the job done, then that’s not a good hire.”

A spokesman for the NFL declined to comment on Waldman’s remarks.

It is unclear how many NFL coaches are employed by either the league or the team.

Some NFL teams have hired outside hires who are not current NFL players, but many coaches have stayed in the league for years.

Some coaches have been fired by the owners over their success, but the majority have stayed on the job for the same amount of time.

“There’s a reason the majority of the coaches in these leagues are not in the same position,” said Adam Schefter, the NFL’s senior vice president of football operations.

“In some cases, they are coaches who are in their mid-30s.

There are coaches in their 50s who have had the chance to win a Super.

And there are a lot more who have been with the team for a long time and they’ve worked through all the issues that we all have.

And those are the ones that you want.”

A recent ESPN poll found that 48 percent of respondents thought the NFL would be better off without head coaches.

In the past, a poll conducted by the Sports Illustrated website found that a majority of respondents in the poll believed the owners should be allowed to fire coaches, but that was in 2015.

In Waldmans column, he said it was important for the league to take a hard look at its own system, especially after the owners approved the salary cap last year.

“That’s why the league is going to be much better off than it is now.

Because you can’t have the best of both worlds,” Waldson wrote.

Waldman did not specifically name the owners who were in favor of the salary-cap rule.

Waldmann, who has been the editor of The Washington News since 2001, also said that he believed there were other ways to allow head coaching hires.

“We should allow the head coaches and other personnel to be hired without needing to pay their market rate,” he wrote.