‘A dark night for democracy’: In Canada, the night before Halloween is turning into a dark night July 28, 2021 July 28, 2021 admin

A dark night is coming to Canada’s election campaign, with a number of potential voters turning out in droves on Halloween to vote for a new party.

The Canadian Press is reporting that more than 60,000 people turned out on Halloween this year for the first time since the election in 2019.

It was a high turnout for the party that hopes to be Canada’s next government after the Conservatives.

Party leaders said the turnout was “just incredible.”

“We’ve never had this many people come out to vote before,” said party leader and Liberal leader Dominic LeBlanc.

“I’m so happy.

We have a new majority government in Canada.”

There are no national statistics available for the number of people who have turned out to cast their ballot for the Liberals.

LeBlac and his party say the numbers are similar to the 2015 election when the Liberals won a majority in the House of Commons.

It will be up to the Conservatives to decide whether or not to call a snap election in October.

The Liberals are already on track to have the most seats in the Commons, and will have the support of the new majority in both houses of Parliament.

The election has become increasingly polarizing in Canada, with both the Conservative and the Liberals using scare tactics to try to scare voters into voting their way.

On Tuesday, Justin Trudeau told supporters in Scarborough, Ont., that the Conservatives’ policies would hurt Canada’s working class, and called on the public to vote NDP.

“It’s time for us to stop fighting,” Trudeau said.

“We’re the party of hope, it’s time to stop blaming the other side.”

The Liberals won the election with about 62 per cent of the vote.

In 2019, the Liberals took the majority in Parliament, with just 28 seats.

They will now be fighting a three-way race in 2019, with the Conservatives, NDP and Green Party each fielding one candidate.

The Greens have said they are still undecided about whether or how they will run in 2019 because of the election’s popularity.

“There’s a lot of excitement about the party, and we’re seeing that in our polls,” Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver said.

The party has been trying to woo younger voters, and is currently polling at around 15 per cent support in the polls.

“If we’re going to be able to win this election, it has to be for the young, the women, the seniors, those people who don’t have a voice,” said Weaver.

“Those people need to know that we will fight for them, we will win for them.”

The Conservatives have been using the election as a platform to attack Justin Trudeau’s leadership, and to try and distance themselves from his controversial immigration policies.

In a recent television ad, the Conservatives called Trudeau “a traitor to Canada.”

“The Conservatives are trying to portray Justin Trudeau as a traitor,” said former Conservative minister Rob Nicholson.

“What they don’t tell you is he was a traitor to us.”

The Conservative Party also released a new attack ad on Tuesday.

It features Trudeau saying he would put “a border wall” in the United States, and “take the money that we pay to Canada and give it to the criminals.”

The Tories also used the election to criticize Liberal leader Jagmeet Singh’s leadership.

Singh, who is the son of the late Indian-Canadian politician Rajiv Gandhi, was the youngest leader to lead a major political party in Canada since the Harper Conservatives in the early 2000s.

He lost the election, but has held on as an MP since 2018.