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By now, you’ve probably heard about the new cartoon season of ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s a new year, after all, and there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming out in 2018, so we’re looking forward to seeing what we can catch up with in the months ahead.

For the uninitiated, ABC’s upcoming animated series is a reboot of the ABC Comics’ Agents of SHIELD.

This show will be released in early 2018.

While this series is an adaptation of the comics, the series is very much a different take on the character.

The new series will be called Marvel Superheroes, and it will follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a very different way than what you’ve come to expect from the Marvel Universe.

ABC’s new animated series will not be a reboot, and the show is a direct adaptation of some of the characters from the comics.

While the characters will not share many similarities, they will all be based on the same cast of characters and will all have some kind of connection to the Avengers, the Avengers Cinematic Team, and even Iron Man.

So how do you catch up?

Let’s dive right in.

Marvel Super Heroes is a very big show.

It will run for seven episodes, with a season premiere on ABC on January 14, 2019.

To get a good feel for how it’s going to differ from the comic series, we’re including a breakdown of each of the seven episodes below.

You can watch the Marvel Super Heroes premiere episode below, but be aware that this will be a long, spoiler-heavy episode.

The first episode of the new series is titled “Black Cat.”

The series follows the Black Cat, a female superhero, and her partner, Captain Boomerang, as they try to protect the world from the villainous group known as The Hand.

It follows the two heroes as they search for clues to uncover the mysterious Black Cat’s true identity, and when they uncover her true intentions, they discover they’re the very thing that they were looking for all along.

The show follows the team as they attempt to stop the Hand, a group that includes the Black Panther, The Punisher, Captain Marvel, and more.

There will be two Black Cat episodes in the series.

The series is being produced by Marvel Television, which has produced the Marvel comic book TV shows Agents of Atlas and The Defenders, and The Avengers: Infinity War.

ABC has been releasing new Marvel TV shows every season, with Agents of War launching this year and Avengers: Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 set for the fall.

Marvel has also recently started releasing its own animated series, Marvel’s Agent Carter, which will star Krysten Ritter and features a diverse cast of talented, supporting characters.

So why wait for the new Marvel animated series?

It’s not only an excellent way to watch Agents of H.

I, S.I., and S.E., but it’s also an excellent show for the whole family to watch together.

The Avengers and the Agents of Asgard are the Avengers and S of Asgard, and you can get a sense of the two teams as they are working together by watching this episode of Marvel SuperHeroes.

Black Cat has a unique way of handling the world.

She’s not a straight up superhero.

She isn’t a hero who can be put in any one category.

She is, instead, a world-saving, protective, and protective woman who is the center of the team.

Her world is in chaos.

It doesn’t belong to anyone but her, and she has to make sure it is for her and her family.

It also helps that she is a brilliant scientist, and an expert on chemistry.

There’s a sense that this is a world where things are never good.

There is a certain level of hope that this team has managed to create, and that this show will show the world that these kinds of problems can be solved.

Black CAT is a strong, strong character.

She can be very powerful and very dangerous.

She has a really interesting, complex, interesting backstory, and I think fans will be really excited to see her continue to grow and develop as the show progresses.

There are also some great scenes in the show where she’s battling her way through the villain, the Hand.

She gets a bit of a kick out of this.

It makes the fight with the Hand really fun.

I think the show will go a long way in bringing back some of those classic Marvel characters.

If you love Agent Carter and are looking for more Marvel TV to watch, I highly recommend checking out Marvel SuperKids.

It has the Avengers on a very good show.

But the show has a lot more to offer, so be sure to tune in!

Marvel Super heroes and the Avengers are both very fun shows,