‘Bridget Jones’ Returns: The 25 Most Interesting Teen Mom Scandals Revealed to date! August 7, 2021 August 7, 2021 admin

Here are 25 most interesting and disturbing Teen Mom scandals so far: 1.

Brittney and Brittney’s divorce from Chris Brown. 

Brittney is reportedly planning on separating from Chris this year, and they’re reportedly going to get married in April. 

It’s unclear what exactly she wants, but she’s apparently in the dark about Chris’s whereabouts. 


Brittneys alleged ‘bonding’ with ex-boyfriend Josh. 

A couple of weeks ago, Brittney got into a verbal argument with her ex-fiance, Josh, over their alleged affair. 

This incident took place back in May, and Brittneys family members are saying she has a lot of guilt over the incident. 

 “I don’t want to go out and hurt him,” Brittney said at the time. 


Brittny was filmed beating a homeless man in the back. 

According to the Inquisitr, Brittny is currently facing domestic violence charges after allegedly assaulting a homeless guy at a local hotel.


Brittanys alleged drunken driving in 2012.

According the Inquiser, Britta and Josh reportedly hit a pedestrian and a bicyclist on the side of the road in California.

The cyclist was wearing a helmet, while the pedestrian was not wearing a vest. 


Britta’s alleged DUI.

In August 2012, Brittanews DUI arrest, the Inquisatr reports, was caught on camera. 

The cops said that the woman who was drinking at the hotel was reportedly drunk and driving, and she had been drinking heavily the night before. 


Brittays alleged assault on her father. 

According to TMZ, Brittany’s alleged assault of her father was filmed in June 2011, but the cops did not arrest Brittany until August. 


Brittays alleged DUI in May 2012. 

A video surfaced showing Brittney driving with a blood alcohol content of .17 percent when she was pulled over for driving on a suspended license in May 2011. 


Brittanys alleged assault in June 2013. 

In May 2012, an anonymous source claims that Britta hit a homeless woman with her car in a parking lot in Los Angeles. 


Britto’s alleged sex with Brittney in 2013.

According to the police report, Brittania was seen masturbating in front of Brittney on camera, but Britta denies having sex with the underage girl. 


Brittanias alleged rape in 2013.(Getty Images) According the Los Angeles Times, the incident happened in the parking lot of the Los Feliz nightclub. 


Britt’s alleged kidnapping of her sister in June 2014.

Police say that Brittney allegedly kidnapped her sister and tried to sell her on the Internet. 


Brittanie allegedly assaulted her father with a hammer in January 2015. 

Brittney allegedly used a hammer to beat her father, according to police. 


Brittnans alleged drug trafficking. 

During her arrest, Brittanie claimed she was taking cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine. 

She also allegedly sold her father on the internet, according a report by the InquisiTv. 


Brittanias alleged drug deal with Chris Brown, including the sale of cocaine and marijuana.

Brittany allegedly sold drugs to Chris Brown and his crew during a July 2014 trip to California, the LA Times reports. 


Brittans alleged DUI incident in February 2015.

During her police interrogation, Brittaniases attorney told the cops that her father told her he thought she had an affair with Chris. 


Brittanoys alleged sex act with her mother in June 2015.

According the Inquisitur, her mother, Britti, reportedly had sex with her in June. 


Brittann’s alleged rape of her mother during a trip to New York in June 2016.

Following her arrest in New York, Brittanoas mom said that she wanted to leave her to her own devices, but her mother said that her daughter would not listen to her. 


Brittanny allegedly assaulted a homeless person in August 2016. 

Authorities say that the victim was assaulted and beaten in August, and that she suffered a broken nose. 


Brittanicas alleged sex assault of an underage girl in October 2016.

 According to The Inquisitrs source, police say that an alleged underage girl was assaulted by Brittanians ex-husband, and the alleged victim later went to police to report the incident, but authorities said that there was no evidence of an assault. 


Britts alleged drug trade with Chris during a visit to the States in December 2016.

Police say that police were dispatched to a residence in Los Santos after hearing that Brittania allegedly had a drug deal and drugs. 


Brittains alleged drug dealing during a vacation to Mexico in February 2017.