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By now, you’re probably familiar with the classic “Shrek” movie franchise, in which the titular characters are portrayed by a bunch of cartoon characters.

The franchise has a long and storied history in both the U.S. and worldwide.

The movie series has been a source of pride for many, as its main characters, Shrek, are well-known to millions of children around the world.

However, the series’ popularity is waning, and it’s now being replaced by other, more mainstream cartoons.

Here are some of the best cartoon characters you can make out of the shrek family.1.

“The Donkey”The Donkey, from “The Little Mermaid” by Sir Patrick Stewart.

The Donkey is an enormous turtle who lives on the beach in the Disney film “The Lion King.”

You may have heard of the donkey before, but it’s really a character from “Little Mermaid.”2.

“Pinky”Pinky, from Disney’s “Frozen” by Kristen Bell.

The pixie-haired, pink-eyed pixie is one of the Disney Princesses, and she’s also one of my favorite characters.

She’s also known for being quite popular with young girls.3.

“Turtle”Turtle from “Sleeping Beauty” by Isabella Rossellini.

The turtle is a popular Disney character, and his signature moves are jumping and swinging.

Turtle cartoons are a great way to introduce kids to the cartoon characters they love, and they also add to the Disney legacy as a family favorite.4.

“Princess Fiona”Fiona from “Fantasia” by Fiona Apple.

Fiona is a little princess who appears in a number of Disney movies.

Her character is quite popular, and the Disney princesses have had a long history of making Disney-style characters, including princesses from “Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella.”5.

“King Tut”King Tut from “King Kong” by Tim Burton.

The King Tut character was created by Tim Rice, and was one of a number who have made appearances in movies and TV shows.

This movie was based on Rice’s book “The Tutankhamun Legend,” which is considered one of, if not the, most famous Egyptian novels.6.

“Prince Eric”Eric from “Prince of Persia” by Hayao Miyazaki.

Eric is a young prince who is trying to find his lost magic ring in the desert of his homeland, the desert kingdom of Akkad.

The Prince has some pretty good animation in this movie, and is also a beloved character.7.

“Skeeter”Skeet from “Kung Fu Panda” by James L. Brooks.

Skeet is a character who appears as a member of the Royal Family in “Kong: Skull Island.”

He also appears in the “DuckTales” cartoon.8.

“Boris”Boris the Bear from “Winnie the Pooh” by Don Cheadle.

This bear is the mascot of the fictional Winnie the Pooch’s Animal Kingdom park.

His name is a play on “bear,” and his favorite food is “bear stew.”9.

“Wigglytuff”Wiggley the Cat from “Pete’s Dragon” by Jim Henson.

Wiggly is a very friendly cat who lives in a tiny cage in Pete’s Dragon, which is a cartoon that first appeared in the original Disney film.10.

“Ringo”Ringo from “Tarzan” by Mark Hamill.

Ringo is a giant panda who has a very cute look, and who’s also a member in the Royal family of “Tar and Crocodile.”

He’s the main villain in the film.11.

“Moana”Moana from “Moanas” by Maleficent.

Moana is the Hawaiian princess of Polynesian mythology, and has been the main character in the popular animated series for over 40 years.

She has a unique voice and personality that makes her stand out from the crowd.12.

“Captain Nemo”Nemo from “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” by George Lucas.

Nemo is one the main antagonists of the “Star War” film series, which first appeared as an animated series on Disney Channel in 1997.

The show is a reboot of the classic cartoon, and you can watch it for free on Disney XD.13.

“Sharknado”SharkNado from “Sharks of the Sea” by Frank Oz.

This shark is a big blue shark, and he is a major character in “Shawnee Sharknado.”

His voice is a mix of British and Japanese, and can be a little annoying to listen to.14.

“Mickey Mouse”Mickey from “Mickeys” by Walt Disney.

This is a pretty simple Mickey Mouse, but he’s not too far off from his cartoon counterpart. He