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By Alessandro Speroni The first of the new animated TV series, Gargoyles, has been filmed in Italy and the new cartoons will be shown in Italy later this year.

The Gargoyls, the cartoon characters of the football club, have made a huge impression on Italian fans.

The show is set to be broadcast on Sunday (20th April) on TV3 and will be followed by the next episode.

The Italian broadcaster has also launched a website to offer the first episode and all the episodes.

The site features a countdown to the episode that will show the date and the first person to see it, so fans can start counting the minutes to watch.

A team of seven Gargoyl fans will be featured in the show.

The Gargoyle will be a fan favourite in Italy.

The first episode will be titled The Gargoyle’s First Game.

The next episode will show how the Gargoylers were introduced to Italy.

In a statement, the Italian Football Association (AFI) said: “We are pleased that the first series of Gargoylies is being filmed in the country, and we thank the Italian fans for their interest in the shows.

The new animated show, the first of its kind, will be produced by AFI and will feature the voices of the characters.

The series is being made with the help of AFI’s international animation team.”

The show’s new logo was created by Italian animation and digital company, La Dolce Vita, and will appear on the website.

The team behind the show, including director Giuseppe DeLuca, will also be interviewed by the Italian news channel TG24.

A Gargoyling in actionThe show will also feature a Gargoyle called “The Super Gargoyle”.

The show, which is set in Italy, will have a storyline that will follow the characters and their journeys from childhood to adulthood.

The series is expected to be released in the second half of 2018.