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The internet is full of nerdy cartoons, from Garfield to The Simpsons.

But the internet is also full of weird, quirky, and sometimes downright funny cartoon characters.

Some of them are just plain weird.

The nerdy list below is just a selection of the funniest and coolest cartoons on the internet, with some of the characters featured being not-so-typical, but not everyone can be a superhero.

Here are some of our favorite nerdy anime and manga, and let us know what you think in the comments.


The Powerpuff Girls cartoon A Powerpuff Girl, voiced by Amy Sherman-Palladino, is a nerdy teenage girl who loves the cartoon and is also a fan of superhero comics.

Her powers include being able to turn into a superpowered version of herself and using her own energy to transform into anything.


Monster Girl manga/anime The first Monster Girl anime series was created by Hiro Mashima, who also co-created the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

In the series, Monster Girl (or “Meikyu”, as she’s known in Japan) fights evil robots and monsters and is one of the best fighters in her class.

She’s voiced by actress Mamoru Miyano.


The Incredible Hulk anime/movie This series has a ton of awesome and silly characters, with Hulk and his friends from Earth-616 battling bad guys and evil alien invaders.

Hulk has his own “superhero” tag on the show, but is a lot more like a regular hero.


Mighty Morphins manga/cartoon The Mighty Morphines are a cartoon series created by Tomohiro Takaki and drawn by Hirotaka Takahashi, who later wrote the Marvel comics.

The first Mighty Morphine cartoon, which ran in 1986, is one that is still seen in popular culture to this day.


Sonic the Hedgehog anime/video Sonic is a popular character in the Sonic franchise, so we know he’s a fan.

The Sonic the Movie franchise also features a few other Sonic characters.

In Sonic the Third, Sonic fights the villainous Eggman in a variety of ways, including fighting robots, being chased by his henchmen, and being in the middle of a battle against Eggman’s evil henchman.


Mighty Ponies cartoon/video The Mighty Pony series is a cartoon about a group of little ponies named Ponies that live in a large barn in Ponyville, and are all friends with the other ponies.

The series features some of Sonic’s more familiar and iconic friends, including Tails, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series/animation/animated movie/animate/manga/movies The Teenage Ninja Turtles series, which was created in 1987 by James M. Stern, is an anime/mockumentary series about a team of ninja turtles and their adventures.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine animated series Star Trek was created for a television series by Robert Justman.

The Star Trek episode “The Cage” is the first in the series and stars Michael Dorn, who plays the character Admiral Kirk.


The Legend of Korra animated series This series was produced by Nickelodeon and was broadcast in 2017.

It follows the lives of the titular Korra, a woman of color, and her family.


Pokemon Go cartoon/carton The Pokemon series has many iconic Pokemon characters, and some of them have become famous across the world.

Pokemon has been around for a long time, so it makes sense that it has a number of classic characters and stories to explore.

The main characters in the Pokemon series are called “Mewtwo” and “Snorlax,” and they are often referred to as the “Grimlock” and the “Ice Climbers.”


SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon/animed movie/cartanime SpongeBob has been a beloved character on the TV show SpongeBob and the Bikini Bottom Mutants since the series first aired in 1986.

The SpongeBob series has some of its most popular characters in each episode, and the characters of each episode have become well-known worldwide.


Super Mario Brothers anime/cart/animetv This is the latest animated series created for the Super Nintendo, and it follows Mario as he works as a plumber.

Mario has a huge amount of abilities and powers, including being able turn into his own power-boosting ball, but he also has a tendency to be a little bit of a goofball.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series The Clone War was a three-year war between the Republic and the Confederacy that started in the late 1970s.

The Clone wars were one of those warring factions, with each side trying to gain more power.

In this series, we follow a certain rebel who goes against the Republic, and ends up helping