I Was So Drunk That I Got Drunk in the Comic-Con Hall of Fame October 1, 2021 October 1, 2021 admin

When the Comic Con Hall of Famer I Was so Drunk That You Took Me to Comic-Cons was released in April of 2016, I remember thinking, I’m the only one who has a real hobby.

I was the only person in my high school who was a cartoonist, a cartooner in his own right, and I was just so happy to be a part of it.

I loved the comics.

I really enjoyed the storytelling, and so many of the things that I enjoyed were the same as what I was doing in the comics, which was drawing superheroes and doing crazy things.

I wanted to be an actor and a writer, and when I got to the convention center, I was like, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

I have a few ideas that I can try, and that’s when I realized, What do I do now?

I thought, Oh, I just want to do this thing.

I’m like, Oh my God.

That was the beginning of my hobby.

And then, the next thing you know, I got into comics and was really excited to see what they had to offer.

I remember getting into my first comic book convention when I was 12, and my parents were like, We’re gonna make a little kid-friendly thing, and the whole family was like [claps].

I just loved the idea of getting to experience comics in a very, very adult way.

When I was 17, I did a comic called Big Comic.

It’s a comic where the heroes are all grown up and are talking about their lives.

It was kind of a joke, but it was just something I was super excited about.

The fact that it was a kid-themed comic really resonated with me.

It gave me the freedom to have this really, really weird, super-cool thing that I was passionate about.

Then, when I started writing my first script for Marvel’s The Punisher, I realized that I just needed to do something completely different.

I didn’t have a lot of experience writing superhero scripts, so I went back and wrote the character as a superhero, and then I wrote another one as a kid.

I knew what it was, and it was this really dark character that had these superpowers, and he was this weirdo kid who was super-super-cool and super-crazy, but he was also kind of messed up, which I love.

That’s what I like about him.

I love that he’s a bad kid.

So, I had this idea for The Punishers.

It started off as this kid-centric, crime-fighting comic that I did in high school.

I got it published, and they picked it up.

It just blew up.

That came out of nowhere.

Then I started doing this crime-punching, superhero-centric series.

It came out in 2016, and we were doing that for eight years.

Then we did the comic book sequel in 2018, and after that, I decided that I wanted it to just be me.

I don’t want it to be just me in a superhero costume.

I want it not to be my kid-oriented, crime and violence-pounding superhero comic.

I think that’s what Marvel Comics has always been about.

They’ve always been all about making superheroes, making superheroes in a way that I don�t necessarily understand, and in that way, they’ve always embraced me.

Thats how they’ve been able to really create a world that I love, and have been able, in some ways, to create something that’s very different.

My wife, Gina, who has always embraced comics and comics-related stuff, was like what do you want to be when you grow up?

And then I was so excited about that, because I really want to just do what I want to.

It�s just so weird.

It wasn’t like, Let me just go in the future and go to a college and get a degree and get into an acting class and get on TV, but let me go back and do that thing.

It is what it is.

I feel like it was so surreal to just look back and see what I accomplished.

I’ve always felt that way.

But I really wanted to try something different, because my experience has been that, for the most part, superheroes have been the best.

And I wanted something different.

What I did was just an extension of that, and a really weird one.