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The saddest thing about depression, it turns out, is that it’s not just about being sad.

It’s about feeling miserable, and for many people, depression can be about feeling hopeless.

But the best cartoon characters are the ones who seem to have everything, even when their lives are bleak.

We asked the folks at The Mental Illness Happy Hour, the world’s leading online community for depressed cartoonists, what makes the cartoonists who have everything so relatable.

Read moreWhat makes depression relatable?

We asked the artists of The Mental Health Happy Hour what makes depression so relable.

We wanted to understand how depressed cartoon artists see themselves and what makes them feel like they’re doing something important.

We also wanted to learn more about what makes depressed cartoon writers feel so passionate about their art.

Here’s what we learned:Sad cartoons are relatable because they can’t be taken seriously or they don’t have a strong emotional core.

They’re also relatable if you’re a kid who has the same issues, but you can’t tell them apart from your friends.

That’s where depressed cartoonist Alison Brie comes in.

Her cartoon characters often come across as sad or lonely.

It makes sense: They’re struggling with their emotions and feelings.

But Brie says that she’s not trying to be dramatic or make you feel bad.

“The cartooners I like don’t want to be seen as depressed.

I don’t even know if I am.

My depression is real,” she says.

Brie has been battling depression for a long time.

“I’m a self-hating person,” she explains.

“In the beginning, it was very difficult, I was very depressed.

But over the years, I’ve gotten better and better.”

Brie started a comic book company, where she creates short stories and strips.

She also created a website, a blog, a podcast and a podcast that she talks about on her podcast, A Tale of Two Minds.

Briere started writing about depression in 2013, and she got help through her comic book blog and her podcast.

She was a struggling comic book artist at the time, but it wasn’t until Brie began talking about her mental health that she began receiving support.

“Over the years I’ve received so much support, and I’ve even had a mental health counselor who helps me understand that depression is a disease, and it’s real, and there are things that I can do to be better,” she told us.

Bieber says that depression can take many forms, but some of the most common are anxiety, fear, or an inability to relax.

These can all be caused by mental health issues.

“Depression is a mental illness, and you can be depressed and still be a great artist,” she said.

“My advice to anyone who’s struggling with depression, is to talk to someone.”

To help those who feel depressed, Brie suggests trying a few of the following:Brie and her friend Amanda had an online chat to help her understand depression and what it’s like to live with it.

She said that when she first started working on her comic books, she had a difficult time accepting her condition and felt alone.

“It was hard to talk about my depression in a professional way because I was always so scared of being rejected or being criticized or being ridiculed,” she recalls.

Brie said she felt like her anxiety was always getting in the way.

She struggled with being a “work in progress” artist, and her work was always taking longer than she liked.

“Art is all about trying to make something look good,” she wrote in a post on her blog.

“If you can do it, it’s okay.”

Brie started to feel like she needed to vent and express herself through art, and that made her feel less alone and more in control.

“What I really wanted to do was just have a space to be honest, honest, and express myself,” she explained.

She started writing poetry, and then drawing cartoons.

She eventually had a Tumblr blog, where her blog became her own blog and she began sharing her drawings and poetry with fans.

Brienne says that her Tumblr helped her become more open about her struggles and her depression, and helped her to understand the pain she was feeling.

“Tumblr helped me really understand that it was my fault, and maybe it was because of me, or because of my friends or because I didn’t know how to take care of myself,” Brie wrote in her Tumblr post.

“So I really didn’t need to be so self-conscious about my feelings.”

Bri Bere has been a struggling cartoonist for many years.

She says that while depression is often a mental issue, it can also be a physical one.

“Some of the worst things that can happen to me are anxiety attacks, and if I’m in a car accident, I’ll feel very bad,” she writes in a Tumblr post she wrote about her experience with depression.