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The Washington Times has been running a series of cartoon characters on its website for years, including the beloved Winx cartoon mascot.

And today, the paper’s cartoonist, Scott Johnson, released a video highlighting some of his favorites.

The video is an excerpt from the new book, Winx, by Scott Johnson and Lisa Wylie.

(The full transcript of the video is below.)

“A cartoon character has the ability to change and to change over time, depending on how well you understand the characters story,” Johnson said.

“A Winx character is an icon of the cartoon genre and a classic in its own right.

They’ve always been so loved.”

He added that his favorite is a Winx named Chocolat, who appears in the video.

“Chocolat is a very old cartoon character and she’s been in the Winx series since the beginning,” Johnson explained.

“She’s so beloved that people still think of her every time they see a WinX in a store.”

The cartoonist said he is inspired by the cartoons of his friend and cartoonist John M. Clark, who was a big fan of Winx.

Johnson said his inspiration for the video came from seeing a picture of Chocola in a toy box.

“I thought, ‘Chocola is a cartoon character.

She can’t change,’ ” Johnson said of his idea for the cartoon.

In the video, Johnson explained how to use the Winxx app to find Winx characters.

If you are searching for a Winxx character, you can choose from a variety of options, including Winx on a T-shirt, Winxx with a hat, Winxy with a beard, Winxxx on a sweater or Winxx in a purse, among other things.

If you want to be super specific, Johnson said he found Winx in a “classic cartoon.”

Johnson said Winx is one of the few characters he has in his portfolio that he can draw and that he’s always working on new characters.

“It’s a constant challenge,” he said.

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