Which of the cartoons is the most famous? December 10, 2021 December 10, 2021 admin

The most famous cartoon character in India is the blind cartoonist, who has been known for drawing the character with an unusual blindfold covering the mouth and eyes.

According to The Hindu, the most popular is the one by the Indian cartoonist Aamir Khan.

It is said that this cartoon is the best of the best.

The other two are by Anil Kapoor.

The cartoonist’s son Anil was born in 2005, and he has been doing his own cartoons in India.

He drew his first cartoon with a blindfold in 1991, and his father was the first to use it.

He is the first cartoonist to draw a blind cartoon in India, and the first person to do so in the world.

He has drawn his own cartoon series, titled India.

The cartoons are widely seen in India and abroad, and have been featured in publications like The New Yorker and the New York Times.

The last cartoon, by Akshay Kumar, is about India’s “pink revolution”.

It has also been seen in France and Germany, and has been translated into French and German.

Anil’s son has done another cartoon with an even more unusual blindmask covering the head.