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How to pronounce the name of Italian giants Juventus

By Alessandro Speroni The first of the new animated TV series, Gargoyles, has been filmed in Italy and the new cartoons will be shown in Italy later this year.The Gargoyls, the cartoon characters of the football club, have made a huge impression on Italian fans.The show is set to be broadcast on Sunday (20th April)…

Which cartoon characters will make the cut in the next big new Cartoon SpongeBob series?

We all know SpongeBob, SpongeBob SquarePants and SpongeBob’s friends, but the animated series is a lot more than that.As part of Cartoon SpongeBob’s 10th anniversary celebration, Cartoon SpongeBandits creators Nick and Kim have been hard at work on a new series, The SpongeBob SpongeBandit Chronicles, which will air on Cartoon Sponge Bandits’ streaming service Cartoon…

How do you draw cartoon characters without cartoon characters?

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Cartoon spongebobs characters have a new home

SpongeBob characters are back in the spotlight after the popular SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon series took a hit in 2012, with Nickelodeon shutting down the animated series after only a few episodes.But a new SpongeBob comic book has been released, and the creators of the series have released a new, original cartoon series with a different…

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