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Why I’m not a fan of the Devil Cartoon Characters

There’s a lot of talk about the Devil cartoon characters in Disney films like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.They’re supposed to be evil, evil, and evil.However, many people are not very fond of the cartoon characters.Disney has made a lot out of their characters in recent years.In fact, they’ve made a point of trying…

How to get rid of the cartoon characters in your childrens cartoons

Kids are already using cartoon characters on their phones, in their games, and in their home to draw and talk to their friends.But the trend of using cartoon character images and icons is growing even faster than they are, and it’s making parents uneasy.Read more about:

Apple unveils new iOS app, ‘Apptivity,’ to help kids with autism

iOS app Apptivity is a new iOS-based app that allows parents to share and discover content to help children with autism.The app was released today.Apptivities will let parents search for the right content and share with friends and family.It’s also available for Android, Mac and PC.The apps features include “art, music, films, books, games, and…